Portland History and Maritime Links

The following is a collection of websites that may be of interest to anyone who finds this site worth perusing.

Oregon Maritime Museum
Anyone who hasn't visited this wonderful museum should do so very soon. The museum is located in the sternwheeler moored at Waterfront Park. It has an incredible number of top notch exhibits-the sternwheeler tug itself being exhibit number 1. There is a very kid- friendly section with lots of buttons to push, whistles to blow, and hidden treasures. A visit to this museum is highly recommended as a way to show off the unique qualities of Portland to out-of-town visitors, and to people who have lived here their entire lives.

History Press West
The publisher of Portland's Lost Waterfront, and many other fine books of local history.

Historic Photo Archive
This is probably one of the largest independent photo archives in the world. Many hundreds of historic photos of Portland and the Portland waterfront and docks, including hundreds of aerial photographs. What is online is only the tip of the iceberg with this archive, a labor of Thomas Robinson's life-long love and obsession. There are tens of thousands of negatives in the archive, and each week more images are digitized and added to the database.

Home of Kick-Ass Oregon History
A blog and podcast encapsulating-- with humor and irreverence-an enthusiastic look at the past.

Vintage Portland
This site is a source of great pleasure for those who (like myself) enjoy pouring over historic photos large enough to show a great deal of detail. The photos are mostly from deep within the vaults of the Portland City Archives.

Portland Building Ads
This is a great blog for Portland history lovers or anyone else interested in the pealing paint on old buildings.

Cafe Unknown
A superb blog devoted to off beat Portland history.

Oregon Historical Society
The flagship of Oregon history websites.

Wicked Portland
A site interacting with a book of the same name dealing with aspects of Portland's seedy underbelly in by gone years.

Portland History Website
An esoteric collection of ephemera.

Portland Timeline (City Auditor's Office) Another timeline for lovers of timelines. I can't get enough of them myself.

ILWU Local 8

Columbia River Maritime Museum
Located in Astoria, Oregon, this is one of the finest museums on the Pacific coast. This is a large museum with a great number of fine exhibits. It isn't the sort of place that you can breeze through in an hour, so plan to spend an afternoon.