Thursday, December 8, 2011

The End of Navigation

After having spent thirty three years working at export grain facilities on the Willamette river I have entered a new phase--retirement. I am also starting to write a book about the history of the Portland waterfront. I have been collecting things for years; a photo here, a newspaper article there, with the idea of putting some of it together, if not into a book, then a largely improved Portland Waterfront History Website.

Providentially, right when I was busy doing  a thousand other things, I was contacted by the commissioning editor from a prestigious (in my way of thinking) publisher specializing in American history. She had seen the website was wanted to know if I had any interest in writing a book on the subject. After recovering from the shock of such a sudden prospect leaping into my path, I consented, and put together a proposal, the long and the short of the matter being, a book is in the making.

This brings me to the blog at hand. I see it as a place to toss bits of flotsam to see what floats, and what sinks. It is also a means of alerting the public to my efforts in the hopes that some kind-hearted souls will add to my collection with offerings of their own. I can't see that I need much more of a preface than this, so blog post number one is getting the "Publish" button pressed.