Friday, April 6, 2012


Municipal Terminal No. 4, Portland, Oregon

This is an scan of one of the post cards in my collection. A friend tells me that there is a real copy at the OHS, so that is nice. I will have to take a look at it soon. It is a very interesting image, I think. I worked at this place for about 25 years, until it closed. We all hoped it would re-open, but it never did. I will go into detail about this place in some later post.

Getting back to "why" by which I mean, "why I bother to blog, etc. about Portland waterfront history, this picture is worth the proverbial 1000 words. I spent 33 plus years on this waterfront, always interested in where things came from, and why they were done the way they were. This place is gone, bulldozed, up for lease. There was a time it was Portland's pride and joy, the most modern grain facility in the world. I have about 3000 stories I could tell about the place, and maybe 50 to 100 of them are actually interesting. I just had an article published in the Union Pacific railroad history magazine, Streamliner, about some of the things I used to do at the above location, so some people are even interested in these stories. Besides that I have photographs. This wasn't even my favorite place to work, it took second prize to Globe, or O' Dock, or whatever name you learned to call it by.

I have been neglecting this blog and my Portland waterfront history website because of an addiction to research, and the fact that I have to work to make money to stay afloat. In the near future my research will start showing up on the Internet, or in articles.

More very soon, ensha'allah, and a blessed Good Friday to all my Western rite friends.