Thursday, June 14, 2012

O, to be by thy waters once again, sweet river

This was what I saw when I stepped outside

 Some days I find myself almost falling into the illusion of "retirement remorse." I miss being right next to the river, even though it would take me only 5 minutes to get there from my house. Most of all I miss my fellow workers. If I were more social, instead of being a agoraphobic recluse, I would go seek them out: except that most of the time they are working weekends and nights, and have no time to socialize. I put up the website during a long period of 12 hour shifts. Some of my fellow workers, like Stu here in the picture, did other things with their time.

Stu finally retired for real last month

I looked over the old website the other day and did a lot of cringing. I need to get rid of a few things that turned out to be not as true as I once was led to believe. (Oy!)  I am ¾ finished with a new, HTML5, with lots more, and much larger images version. I will also include a more comprehensive list of Portland history websites.

The video below may help to explain why I might have a pang of nostalgia from time to time.