Monday, October 1, 2012

A Pictorial History of the Portland Waterfront

The 3D menu wheel on the home page of the new site

 Today, after what seemed life the struggle of a lifetime, my new Pictorial History of the Portland Waterfront ( went live (as they say). The site was designed to be multi-layered in a way that allows for a quick perusal, or a long read, depending on the mindset of the individual who stumbles in. I like pictures, so I put up lots of pictures. To start with I put up only images that are either old enough to be in the public domain, or ones that I have created myself. The site is largely concerned with the 19th century, but as I include more content dealing with the 20th century I will use more images from the Historic Photo Archives with links to the archive website.

 The new site is designed to be tweaked, added to, and improved without altering the structure. I am looking forward to hearing the response of readers, and hope that no one will be too shy to suggest improvements, or add content.