Thursday, November 29, 2012

3D Torpedo Boats

I spent many happy hours as a child looking at the world through View Master lenses. It was one way for me to experience the country of my birth from the tatami mats of my room in far off Yokohama. One of my favorite discs was of the wonders of California, from Disneyland to the Redwood Forest. Had I been born sixty or seventy years earlier I would have been gazing into a stereoscope at such curiosities as these U.S. Navy torpedo boats in the Portland harbor. The back of the image doesn't name the vessels, but they are anchored very near to the Wolff & Zwicker Iron Works where several such boats were constructed.

Navy torpedo boats from the Portland waterfront
This image is a very small example of the fact that even though my book is finished, and I should be concentrating on the sequel covering the period from WWI forward, I am still obsessively collecting images and stories from all the periods of Portland's fascinating past.