Thursday, March 28, 2013

J.D. Chandler's "Murder and Mayhem in Portland, Oregon"

I enjoy hanging out with J.D. Chandler for a number of reasons, but mainly because he knows more about Portland history than anyone else I know, and he does not hesitate to correct me if my assumptions about some historical event are unfounded. I especially enjoy a pleasant walk with J.D. in Lone Fir looking for the final resting place of some denizen from Portland's sordid past.

We met through our association with History Press, so I have been anxiously waiting for the day his book, "Murder and Mayhem in Portland, Oregon" goes to press. That day is here, and even though I haven't yet gotten the book into my hands, I can point others that direction with a hearty recommendation—knowing intuitively that it is sure to become a Portland classic.

J.D. Chandler, "Murder and Mayhem in Portland, Oregon"

The book can be seen and purchased here, at History Press:,-Oregon/9781609499259

or here, at Powells:

It is also available at Broadway Books, the Oregon Historical Society, McMenamins Edgefield Giftshop, and other Portland area shops.

An interesting interview with the author can be viewed here: