Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fragment: Malachi not Mikola

I have noticed how mistakes will sometimes be picked up and repeated in history books and articles. One mistake that is repeated in a number of books and articles on Oregon’s shanghaiers is L.M. Sullivan’s middle name. For the record, it is Malachi, just like the minor prophet in the Jewish scriptures. 

Caption in an unnamed history journal

I could offer any number of exhibits as proof, but I shall let his tombstone suffice. This monument, set high up near the top of Mount Calvary Cemetery in the West Hills, is where Larry Sullivan’s daughter, Winnie came to weep at night in the months following her father’s death.

Can you image a young lady in her early twenties, walking up the mud and gravel Burnside Canyon Road and then the winding mud path up into the pitch dark graveyard. It was a dark night in October 1918 when she was discovered by a policeman and returned to custody of her brother.

Here is the monument before which she wept.

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